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I AM SWEDISH ITEC international association masseur.I have the most formal international massage technique,and a healthy strong and handsome body, many years ofexperience massage technique has reached the state of the pink of perfection.Deep to domestic and international customers praise,service quality is I won the customer'ssatisfaction, service attitude is I won the trust of the customer, this is me a perfect Thai massage, believe me will be valued for you!

感性芳香按摩 * * * *


最终在男男身体接触按摩时,我将提供最流行的按摩!这是一个放松,解除您的压力,探索您的感官,唤起您,取悦您,满足您的身心,愉快的经历,其中包括不同部位的按摩和刺激全身的性感带特别强调工作的技术 - 臀部,肛门部位,前列腺的刺激,大腿内侧,乳头,公鸡和球


-Exotic sandalwood oil, jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, stimulate the male libido. But the most sexy patchouli oil! I'm sure these oils blended massage will make you addicted!

MSM ultimate physical contact during a massage, I will provide the most popular massage!

This is a relaxing, relieve your stress, explore your senses, evokes you to please you meet your body and mind, a pleasant experience, including massage and stimulate different parts of the body with special emphasis on the work of sexy technology - hips, anus, prostate stimulation, inner thighs, nipples, cock and balls.

Push and combined with the stimulation of the body's experience in order to achieve mental and physical release treatment services. You can select the appropriate massage, or according to their needs comfortable beds or bedding. In bed or futon and provide a more intimate physical contact with the bod.

密宗按摩* * * * *




-This is another form of high-end massage , increasing the groin / genital area and prostate ( called Lingam massage or genital massage ) , as well as your stomach / chest, between the upper and lower key parts of your leg / thigh. It is a reach skin to breathe , the binding mode of cell renewal in order to help stimulate the accumulation of energy in the body and the body . Traditionally, this form of massage which focuses on the body to stimulate the proliferation of new energy , stimulate new cell renewal , for a period of time , help the body function at an optimal health

In addition, the energy itself acts as a healing energy in the body and soul . Sometimes people have an extraordinary experience, such as altered states of consciousness , intense pleasure, often called " systemic climax ,"  feeling a new release for body , and emotions.

Fun including greater fun , functional from this work ( all the services I provide ) some of the benefits to increasing libido , greater climax control ( Yang Wei can prevent premature ejaculation ) , to enhance the image and self-esteem , while giving maximum physical and mental energy ! Let subhealth been conditioned to protect the body functions in a comfortable and healthy functioning under . To your life and work to bring a new passion and power !

Some impotent men may also encounter this situation , erectile dysfunction, need to be resolved by this massag

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